Paul Resnick (presnick) wrote,
Paul Resnick

Karim Lakhani at C&T

Karim Lakhani is giving a great keynote at C&T about tracking innovation. He has worked with MatLab programming contests that have a fascinating format. There's clear performance outcome; source code of all entries is available to other people; leaders are tracked. Researchers can track which lines of code get reused.

What leads to displacing the currently leading entry?
--novel code
--novel combos of others' code
--NOT borrowed code
--NOT conformance

What leads code to get reused in future (leading) entries?
--novel code
--novel combos of others' code
--borrowed code

Also did experiments with TopCoder.
One experiment with computational biology contest problem.
Three conditions (random assignment?):
Fully collaborative vs. fully competitive vs. mixed (competitive first week, then all code shared)
Fully collaborative got the best performance
Best performing entries did better than state-of-the-art in computational biology
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