Paul Resnick (presnick) wrote,
Paul Resnick

NetSquared Human Rights Session

Patrick Ball, Benetech
Small organizations on the ground don't want to share their data-- it's their ticket of entry to policy discussions. They do need crypto and communication so they can get their data to a secure place even if their laptops are impounded.

Make it serve the local need of the person entering the data, and by the way have it do the stuff that's good for the organization and the long haul.

Has been doing statistical analysis to estimate prevalence of Human Rights violations, based on counts and overlaps between sources.

Dan McQuillen, Amnesty International
Mashups are a great publicity/marketing opportunity for human rights organization.
The big human rights battles are about to be fought out on the Internet-- things like

Bryan Nunez, Witness
Trains human rights activists/defenders on use of video (cameras, editing, distribution). Help them use the video as part an action plan.
Patrick is very concerned about Internet filtering. (Years ago he challenged me about PICS at a CFP conference. Now he's concerned about Google's community tagging and how it might be used by ISPs for filtering. Had an interesting conversation with him at lunch about this.)
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