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NetSquared, CitizenJournalism session

Dan Gillmor. Citizen Journalism is becoming the norm. Eyewitness reports from disasters are just the beginning. Digg is the darling example now because it has ratings of news stories, though he also mentions Slashdot for rating the commentary. (Look for the new interface reading comments on Slashdot, coming soon, that I've been working on with students Youn-ah Kang and Nathan Oostendorp!)

The OhmyNews story. Korea. Extremely successful; has become one of the most influential publications in Korea. 43,000 citizen reporters==>screening by news Guerilla Desk. Mostly reviews, commentary. Also 65 staff reporters, mostly hard news, analysis. But there's a lot of blending between them. Now trying an international version, and a partnership with a prestigious newspaper in Japan. 86 countries with 1000 citizen reporters so far on international version. Doubling about every 3 months.

Ethan Zuckerman, Global Voices. Story of Hao Wu, blogger detained without charge in China. Effort to publicize his case got much easier once Hao Wu's sister started blogging about the case. Lesson: "Don't speak. Point." Don't try to speak on behalf of others-- just point to those who are speaking on their own behalf.
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