Paul Resnick (presnick) wrote,
Paul Resnick

Online Community Camp

I'm at an Online Community Camp.
"Camp" is the new word for conferences that are only loosely organized-- people propose topics at the beginning of the day and people go to whatever seems interesting.

Who's here:

  • Vendors

  • Consultants

  • Community managers, web producers at companies, non-profits, and media outfits

  • one student from Stanford, and me, reprenting academia

Topics they're interested in:

  • how to change platforms; how to select platforms

  • How to quantify ROI, to justify and get resources

  • Some inteest in reputation

  • Using online communities for market research

  • Media wants audience to talk with each other, how to facilitate that

  • Multiple communities, how to not require multiple destinations, cross-site integration

  • Practical applications of Web 2.0-- what's hype vs. useful

  • How to apply social networking/myspace

  • Extracting/summarizing from online discussions
    --integration with corporate

  • Online/offline connection

  • Best practices across the board

  • Combining data from other sources about people with data from online communities.

  • Blogs and RSS vs. conventional discussion boards

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