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Monday, September 13th, 2010

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    Need recommender systems contest ideas
    Do you have an idea or plan for a future challenge/contest that you think could move the field of Recommender Systems forward? I’d love to hear about your idea or plan, even if only in sketch form, and even if you’re not in a position to carry it out yourself. At this year’s RecSys conference in Barcelona, I’ll be moderating a panel titled, “Contests: Way Forward or Detour?” As part of that panel, I’d like to present brief sketches of several contest ideas for the panelists to respond to.

    Please send me your ideas!

    ----------------------Abstract of the Session
    Joseph A. Konstan, University of Minnesota, USA
    Andreas Hotho, University of Würzburg, Germany
    Jesus Pindado, Strands, Inc., USA

    Contests and challenges have energized researchers and focused attention in many fields recently, including recommender systems. At the 2008 RecSys conference, winners were announced for a contest proposing new startup companies. The 2009 conference featured a panel reflecting on the then recently completed Netflix challenge.

    Would additional contests help move the field of recommender systems forward? Or would they just draw attention from the most important problems to problems that are most easily formulated as contests? If contests would be useful, what should the tasks be and how should performance be evaluated? The panel will begin with short presentations by the panelists. Following that, the panelists will respond to brief sketches of possible new contests. In addition to prediction and ranking tasks, tasks might include making creative use of the outputs of a fixed recommender engine, or eliciting inputs for a recommender engine.

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